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Myanmar: Rakhine State

I’m not here to talk politics – but what I will say is this; to those who have been critical of my choice of going to Myanmar as disregarding the current situation, a boycott of Myanmar does not affect the government. It does not affect those in power, those in the military, those with money.
It affects the local fisherman who was relying on taking tourists out on his boat for extra income. It affects the farmer who would normally spend the winter guiding visitors on treks through the mountains. It affects the young girl who now only works 2 days a week as the hotels are half empty. These are the people it affects. These are the people who are now struggling as their annual income has decreased due to tourism dropping by 40% this year. These are the people who no matter where we were in the country, were kind and generous and beyond welcoming to us. These are the people who thanked us for still coming and were so proud to show us the favourite parts of their country.
So that is what …

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